This Year’s Super Yacht Charter Spots

This Year’s Super Yacht Charter Spots

This Year’s Super Yacht Charter Spots

Martha Lukasik, an expert luxury yacht charter broker, talks about the inside knowledge she gained in the luxury liner industry.

Balearics – IBIZA

This year, expect to see a spike in the charters in the Balearics. Spain’s vat of 21% does not dissuade charterers. There’s a wonderful selection of yachts for you to select from. With many places to visit in the Balearics, Ibiza is among Europe’s lively and bustling nightlife scene. Your charter won’t be complete if you don’t see what people are buzzing about. Click here to get more about Balearic Islands.

Visit one of the many bars, clubs, restaurants, or shops. Ibiza is truly a gem in the Mediterranean, and you won’t only enjoy the night life, but you can also enjoy the art at Dalt Vila.

Croatia – Dubrovnik

Lord Byron once described the Dubrovnik as “The pear of the Adriatic.” It exudes a certain romanticism and beauty with its glistening streets of marble and lavish architecture.

This Year’s Super Yacht Charter Spots

Dubrovnik a very welcoming destination in Europe, especially for charterers. The high city walls made of stone, and its old but beautiful city center has fascinated historians, scientists, and artists alike.

The sciences and the arts truly flourished in this town, especially with the town’s creed: LIBERTAS – Freedom.

Dubrovnik its picturesque locales and scenic wonders, as well as the preserved historical and cultural heritage. The coast teems with beaches complete with towering pillars of rock.

The Dubrovnik and Dalmatian countryside would delight wine lovers. Dubrovnik was also where Game of Thrones and Star Wars: Episode VIII scenes were filmed.

Cote Azur – Glamorous Monaco

Its status as the second smallest nation in the world doesn’t stop Monte Carlo from being stylish and resplendent. Located at the middle of the Riviera, Monte Carlo is a special place of luxury and glamor. Since 1929, the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix and the Monaco Yacht Show has been in Monaco.

Monaco boast the area’s biggest natural harbor and you can explore the quaint beach or the old town and discover their secrets.

Monaco’s history is fascinating itself, with many barbarians, kings, and even celebrities playing vital roles. Its history is one of grand battles and epic tales.

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