The World’s First Electric Yacht

The distinguished Maine boatbuilder Hinckley is making waves with its sophisticated, clean-energy innovation. This wonderful creation raised the bar a little bit higher. A simple yacht is a symbol of luxury, and  an electric yacht is even more luxurious than you think.

The chilly months may have put many of us on dry land these days, but as wonderful summer visions groove in your head over the next several months, you may oblige yourself that you have a boat when it comes time to hit the water once more. And if only the best will do, you might like to consider the Hinckley Dasher, the newest arrival from the storied New England boat builder, manufacturer over the last 90 years and is responsible for some of the finest seafaring vessels.

At first, glimpse, as this is the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht, its sleek, modern lines may divert you from the engineering feats inside. This signifies it produces zero emissions and is exceptionally light. Certainly, it’s so light that the Hinckley team took about two years re-engineering every vital piece of machinery and detailing to put up the electric motor while maintaining speed. The boat includes the brand’s signature teak paneling, which was exchanged for a teak-finished composite material, as well as the brushed metal controls, which are crafted from 3-D printed titanium, which is 28 feet long and has a cruising range of 40 miles.

The Dasher doesn’t have a shortfall in any of the bells and whistles needed for entertaining with this intellect. With a light tap, hidden cup holders slide out, with the touch of a button, the captain’s windshield can be concealed and, perhaps best of all, the motor is entirely silent, which sends the boat sailing at a top speed of nearly 30 mph, surrounding the scene for maximum socialization.