Yacht: Jubilee

Jubilee is the largest yacht ever to be built in The Netherlands and was launched in 2017 by venerable Dutch superyacht builder Oceanco. Offered for sale in brand new, turnkey condition for the 110m (361.2ft) motor yacht Jubilee. Ready for her new owners to step on board, Jubilee is completely equipped.

Jubilee is a true charm as outlined by Lobanov Design with an award-winning exterior.  An architectural marvel for the stunning, metallic blue superstructure. Mimicking additional decks by Sinuous lines who created a clever visual effect. The product is a large yet lean, glamorous and sharply unique superyacht.

The interior styling is chic and elegant courtesy by Sorgiovanni Design. Filled in marble, silk carpets and crystal for the interior of Jubilee. Adorned in gold, white and light blue details for the extensive 135 square meter main saloons. Balconies on both sides of the main deck open the expansive interior to the outdoors where the dining saloon and lounge bar are located.

Jubilee’s interior is incredibly spacious with a volume of 4,523GT. She swaggers an entirely private owners deck that enjoys matchless views. Jubilee can take 30 guests in 15 cabins, PYC classified. There are 10 guest suites on the main deck and four VIP cabins are found below on the bridge deck.

Jubilee provides a great number of incredible features which is an example of high-quality Dutch yachts building. This among other things is the huge pool deck with a built-in aquarium. There is an inviting beach club below which also presents a gym and hammam. There is access to the water via a fold-down transom. The yacht features a 4 layer epoxy system so that the deck doesn’t get scratched.

Very similar systems are used for epoxy garage coatings which maintain their integrity, beauty and durability for a lifetime. The same goes for Polished Concrete.

From the fully certified heli-deck for an Augusta Grand to the tender garages on the lower deck that store a Pascoe limousine tender and two Wahoo tenders, Jubilee has ample space to bring all the tenders and toys anyone would want. Found on the bridge deck are additional two Wahoo SOLAS rescue boats.

Jubilee is a true class of her own with its beauty, unique, and absolutely new.



Tankoa make public announcement 35m S533 Saetta motor yacht


A 53m/174ft planning superyacht named S533 SAETTA is the latest model that Tankoa has unveiled as an introduction to the shipyard’s current line also an addition to last year’s Tankoa 58 Open.

A sharp modern line that runs from bow to stern comprises the S533 SAETTA. Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows for undisturbed views while guests lounge indoors can be seen at the main deck. For the lower deck, the accommodation also features obtaining the abundance of light that goes with an almost seamless look running down the hull.

Permitting guests to use up all day at the C-shaped lounge, dine in the open air close to the salon or loosen up on the sunpads close to the stern — all can be obtained at the exterior main deck which is designed to be partially shaded.

The bridge decks aft above carries two further lavishly large sunpads and an alfresco dining table perspective, while the foredeck, for a clean and spacious appearance, has a lounge incorporated into the deck.

Designer Francesco Paszkowski also remarked that Tankoa S533 depicts a forward jump and a brief glance of the future.

Paszkowski also mentioned that with the new project for Tankoa, the evolution of the path they have followed up to this moment, a yard that they are proud to work with, is a combination of speed with compactness, forms with dynamic lightness, and trimness of lines. Also, to bring in the sea the extensive use of glass was adopted and this zen sensation of an endless horizon is essentially characterized the exterior styling amplifies.

The maximum speed of 28 knots and 24 knots for the cruising speed, with a range of 600 nautical miles, 3  MTU 16V 2000 M94L water jets provided the S533 SAETTA. This doubles to 1,200 miles at 17 knots for visiting many stops within the same region, making it an excellent vessel.

The Most Awesome SuperYachts Of 2018

Expect some eye-popping yacht launches this 2018. Feadship and Oceanco plan to reveal their most advanced superyachts this year. Nothing can surely match the scale and quality of these launches, and it’s sure to grab everyone’s eye as the year unfolds. Here’s what awaits us this year:

Oceanco Y717 Yasmin – Oceanco, 90m

Not much has been revealed about the 90m/295ft superyacht. Oceanco is still completing it, but her look is said to be designed by Luiz de Basto himself. The yacht is expected to have an assortment of windows, to the delight of its guests who want to view sunsets in the luxury of their rooms. Once the Y717 is launched, she will become Oceano’s flagship.

Amels 18801 – Amels, 58m

Amels commissioned renowned designers Tim Heywood and Reymond Langton Design to handle the exteriors and interior design of its luxury yacht, the AMELS 18801. Both men are famous for spicing up modern day living areas. It’s said the accommodations can fit 12 guests between 6 cabins. The Amels boasts a speed of 15.5 knots, and can cruise for 4,500 nautical miles at 12 knots.

Project TIS – Lurssen, 111m

Andrew Winch will design the 111m/364ft motor yacht PROJECT TIS. The yacht has six teak decks and a beam of 16.85m/55.3ft, and can lodge 24 guests between 12 cabins.

Feadship 1007 – Feadship, 110m

Boasting designs by naval architect Micahel Leach Design, the , FEADSHIP 1007 is will likely replace the 101.5m/333ft superyacht SYMPHONY as the yard’s flagship. The arching curve of the megastructure links it to the main deck, while the upper decks and the sharp lines of the bow makes her silhouette bold and especially noticeable to an observer at a distance.

Project Promise – Feadship, 51m

PROJECT PROMISE is a 51m/167ft superyacht that’s to be used for expeditions and is being built for an Asian patron. Designers Bannenberg & Rowell worked on the yacht’s interiors. They both also completed the exterior JOY in 2016, Feadship’s other superyacht, and the interiors of BOOK ENDS by Heesen Yachts last 2017.

A&R 6502 – Abeking & Rasmussen, 75m

London-based Eidsgaard Design will finish the interior and exterior of this 74.5m/244ft luxury yacht, boasting over a 12.8/42ft beam with an accommodation of 6 guest cabins. One of the cabins is the Owner’s cabin, located on the main deck. It’s rumored to have a swimming pool eight meters in length on the sun and observation deck.

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This Year’s Super Yacht Charter Spots

Martha Lukasik, an expert luxury yacht charter broker, talks about the inside knowledge she gained in the luxury liner industry.

 Balearics – IBIZA

This year, expect to see a spike in the charters in the Balearics. Spain’s vat of 21% does not dissuade charterers. There’s a wonderful selection of yachts for you to select from. With many places to visit in the Balearics, Ibiza is among Europe’s lively and bustling nightlife scene. Your charter won’t be complete if you don’t see what people are buzzing about.

Visit one of the many bars, clubs, restaurants, or shops. Ibiza is truly a gem in the Mediterranean, and you won’t only enjoy the night life, but you can also enjoy the art at Dalt Vila.

Croatia – Dubrovnik

Lord Byron once described the Dubrovnik as “The pear of the Adriatic.” It exudes a certain romanticism and beauty with its glistening streets of marble and lavish architecture.

Dubrovnik a very welcoming destination in Europe, especially for charterers. The high city walls made of stone, and its old but beautiful city center has fascinated historians, scientists, and artists alike.

The sciences and the arts truly flourished in this town, especially with the town’s creed: LIBERTAS – Freedom.

Dubrovnik its picturesque locales and scenic wonders, as well as the preserved historical and cultural heritage. The coast teems with beaches complete with towering pillars of rock.

The Dubrovnik and Dalmatian countryside would delight wine lovers. Dubrovnik was also where Game of Thrones and Star Wars: Episode VIII scenes were filmed.

Cote Azur – Glamorous Monaco

Its status as the second smallest nation in the world doesn’t stop Monte Carlo from being stylish and resplendent. Located at the middle of the Riviera, Monte Carlo is a special place of luxury and glamor. Since 1929, the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix and the Monaco Yacht Show has been in Monaco.

Monaco boast the area’s biggest natural harbor and you can explore the quaint beach or the old town and discover their secrets.

Monaco’s history is fascinating itself, with many barbarians, kings, and even celebrities playing vital roles. Its history is one of grand battles and epic tales.


The World’s First Electric Yacht

The distinguished Maine boatbuilder Hinckley is making waves with its sophisticated, clean-energy innovation. This wonderful creation raised the bar a little bit higher. A simple yacht is a symbol of luxury, and  an electric yacht is even more luxurious than you think.

The chilly months may have put many of us on dry land these days, but as wonderful summer visions groove in your head over the next several months, you may oblige yourself that you have a boat when it comes time to hit the water once more. And if only the best will do, you might like to consider the Hinckley Dasher, the newest arrival from the storied New England boat builder, manufacturer over the last 90 years and is responsible for some of the finest seafaring vessels.

At first, glimpse, as this is the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht, its sleek, modern lines may divert you from the engineering feats inside. This signifies it produces zero emissions and is exceptionally light. Certainly, it’s so light that the Hinckley team took about two years re-engineering every vital piece of machinery and detailing to put up the electric motor while maintaining speed. The boat includes the brand’s signature teak paneling, which was exchanged for a teak-finished composite material, as well as the brushed metal controls, which are crafted from 3-D printed titanium, which is 28 feet long and has a cruising range of 40 miles.

The Dasher doesn’t have a shortfall in any of the bells and whistles needed for entertaining with this intellect. With a light tap, hidden cup holders slide out, with the touch of a button, the captain’s windshield can be concealed and, perhaps best of all, the motor is entirely silent, which sends the boat sailing at a top speed of nearly 30 mph, surrounding the scene for maximum socialization.


Nautical Party Ideas

Throwing parties can be fun if you know what you’re doing. You can play with different themes, maybe mix and match stuff to come up with cool designs and awesome decorations. One of the most popular themes today is Nautical, think anchors, ships and of course, the sea!

So, how do you decorate a nautical-themed party? For starters, you can combine something old and rustic, something refined and traditional. This should be a good start.

There are many things that you can use as decors for the party, including, but not limited to old woods, and weathered ply boards. Add buoys, hooks, ropes, some fisherman accessories, and navigational icons like a wheel and compass.

For a breezier ambience, keep things light and easy. How do people party at the beach? Use towels, and umbrellas, anchors and sailboats, ports and light houses.

The goal is to make your guests feel welcome and ready for the party. It’s really up to you to be creative so let your imagination run wild. Recycle old navigational tools and maritime items. Use them as decors, and backdrops.

Don’t just stop there, go all out by getting creative with the food. Obviously, you’ll need seafood. Search for recipes that can help you create not only delicious food, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

For the drinks, let your guests cool off by serving them cocktails with sea-inspired names. You need to come up with unique names that will really get their attention. Try looking for cocktail recipes to use for your party.

Hosting a party can be fun, but it can also be a lot of work. You will know that you did well if your guests had a blast and enjoyed the party. It’s not just the decors that matter, all the elements should blend well.

What to Expect from Yacht Parties?

Cruising on a yacht may sound fun and expensive, and that’s because it is. But do you know that you don’t have to own one just to have a relaxing experience or a fun night to remember with your friends and family on a yacht? You can always rent one for a day, or night.

There are many event planners out there who can organize a nautical-themed party on a yacht for you. It may not come cheap but you sure would enjoy the experience. Imagine an intimate dinner with your loved ones, and family, or a wild night with friends, complete with music and cocktails.

You can rent a yacht for intimate dinners or for fun parties with friends. If you plan on spending a wild night with friends, you can definitely do that on the open deck while in the middle of the sea. Imagine the cool sea breeze and the crashing waves while you’re sipping cocktails and partying all night with your friends.

If you crave a more intimate and laid back setting, you can have your event organizer plan a French cocktail buffet. This set up is ideal for family gatherings, like if you are celebrating an engagement, or probably a birthday or anniversary.

Yacht parties can be fun; If you want, you can hire a professional dj for entertainment. If you plan on throwing a bachelorette party for one of your friends, this is one of the best ways to do it. How can you not enjoy a party on a yacht?

If you do throw one of these yacht parties, you better be prepared to shell out tons of cash because these kind of parties are really expensive. Is it worth the money? Well, it’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience, that’s for sure.